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Thursday, March 18, 2010

~Matt and Jenn and girls 2009~

i could keep adding more and more of my family...but my goal is to have at least one photo of each of the forty-nine of them~our kids, their kids, and their kids' kids. love them all to death! what a full and grand year it was...on the Florida beach with Jennifer and daughters Anna, Abby and Allie-great fun was had last May when they were able to go to Disney World and area! and then sweet Abby with her bonnet.
 Matthew and Jennifer and their three lovely and fun daughters, Abby now 8 yrs old, Anna 5 yrs old, and Allie(Alora) now 3 yrs old, live very close to us and it's fun to see them often and have three little girls at our house to play with me.
love these last pics of Allie and Anna swinging, and of Abby on the carosel at DisneyWorld.
Matt might be transfered to Colorado next year. that would be cool-we'd have even more excuse to travel to that gorgeous state and be in the midst of Boulder, Red Rocks, Morrison and the dino tracks, the Air Force Academy, the Denver Aquarium, etc, etc. i love to travel for family!

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