Monday, April 5, 2010

~Grant and Lotus and Family 2008/09~

Azalea is 12 yrs here and such a sweet and helpful girl. she loves animals and children and is in sports and music this school yr.  look at her go-she's actually in cross country this year too. loves it. the two boys are a joy to everyone who is around them. both so active and  honorable, wanting to do what's right.  Brigden is 4 yrs and Aiden is 2 yrs here.  fun and sweet guys.

this branch of the family tree has been super busy. they've moved about 10 times over the years and have a bright gorgeous 13 yr old daughter, Azalea, and two very busy and learning little boys, Brigden, 4 yrs, and Aiden, 2 yrs. what an active and fun group they are. in their moves they have known some incredible people, experienced amazing things in their lives and for now live about a mile away from us here in Idaho.

the family photo was taken at Christmas 2007. what a sweet and enduring family they are!  Grant is here with his nephew Brighton Boyd in our kitchen in summer of 2009-fun uncle.  Lotus is in our sunroom about the same time last year. i love this view of her-such a beautiful person, outside and inside.