Wednesday, March 17, 2010

~ The Family in 2009~

a year in the life of...some of my many kids and their families.
   from top to bottom: our kids and grandkids putting the tramp together for the family gathering in July.  then there's Aiden, Lotus and Grant's youngest son. and Fiona, Elijah, Sebastian, baby Brighton. the little girls, Scarlett and Haven-all the kids of Heidi and Dave.
Allie, and then Anna, two of Matt and Jenn's girls. mantid bag hatching for our sunroom pest control.
 some of the deck container garden.
   pirates threatening their grama, Asher, Laurel, David, Ivy, Brenna, Rose, Ian, Gavin. and at bottom is a small part of the back yard viewed through deck rails.  more of the
family for 2009 in days to come...

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