Friday, March 19, 2010

~glenn and robin and kids 2009~

this is GLENN and ROBIN and some of their family's activities for the year-well...yes, just some of them. they are a fun and neat group. ARIEL became a cheerleader for our local university this year as a freshman and loves it-especially being on the top like this. she cheered her whole high school experience.TRIS continues to find new and fun things to do-he's 13 yrs and going. he's in this pic with some cousins at our family gathering in july, they had some teenage game they were goofing around with.  some of these shots are of their family vacation during the summer, like this one with his mom. GLENN loves his mountain biking! this shot of him is when he went with friends on a three-day to the Stanley area in the high mountains. ROBIN and her dog, Darby, loved each other like mad! unfortunately Darby died last fall. GLENN and ROBIN have rescued greyhounds and had two that also had been a part of the family-Thomas, the Lord of All, and Frankie, the sweetheart. too bad dogs of that size don't have long lives. they sure were good to know in their time spent with this family. this is Rupert, their newest friend, just a pup last summer. but these BUGS, i don't know where they came from?!
these are neat and amazing people!

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