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Friday, June 18, 2010

home again...

well, i'm home again after being gone for two months. and quite the two months it was:  i was there in one state welcoming a new grandson into the world on April 15, then flew to California where my dad died on May 15, so they almost passed each other coming and going! what a surprising journey for each. lots to learn on both sides-the beginning is very hard to figure out, the middle will be full of finding themselves, and the end will be their final destiny-for the one it will be eternity and the other it will be the end of earth life. wow. how exciting for both. i think of the whole plan and circle of life as a book that has no end and endless possibilities. to explore is their determination; to fathom with the likeness of a sponge in the ocean is their tool. so very exciting and enchanting for both.
in the eternal scheme of things, when we are all finished here on this mortal realm, then we can look back with relish at the vastness of all of our lives on this, the earth of our learning, and the beginning of our grasping the knowledge to do all our Father has promised us.

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